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Nov, 9

Top 5 Electronic Toys Every Kid Will Love

RC vehicle or drone

Remote controlled electronic toys will never go out of fashion, so much so that you’d enjoy playing with them even as an adult. This transcending of age brackets is even more evident with the impressive contemporary range of remote controlled electronic toys, which are becoming cheaper and cheaper as a result of mass production.

So if it’s not a remote control sports car (with Virtual Reality) then it could very easily be a remote control speed boat you could go for. Take it a step further, perhaps, with a remote control helicopter or even a beginners’ drone.

For a little bit more industry a RC excavator might do instead…

Smart tablet PC

Because of its extensibility, what is basically a mobile computing device in the form of a smart tablet is another electronic gift that will perhaps forever be a hit with kids. How you go about your approach to getting your darling(s) this particular gift will depend on a number of factors, such as how old they are and whether or not they have any other gadgets or gizmos with similar functionality.

There are tablets available on the market which are made specifically for children falling within certain age brackets, such as the Fire 10 HD Kids Edition, or the Dragon Touch Mini which runs on Android. Alternatively, if you go for non-age specific options such as the iPad Mini, content-monitoring apps would have to be deployed to protect the kids’ impressionable minds. Besides using these devices for playing games, kids can also enrol in coding courses python or robotics courses and start learning new things earlier. If you think your kid(s) would be interested in learning programming or other computer skills, then a tablet can be a good idea as it can be both fun as well as educational.


The consumer robotics market is opening up to one which is becoming increasingly exciting, but more importantly, it’s becoming more and more widely accessible. Nobody’s suggesting you dig into your child’s college fund and splurge on an A.I. robotic personal servant here! There are plenty of viable options which won’t come anywhere near breaking the bank, like the Vector Anki Robot. It’s really a “helper” that will benefit the whole family, but there are plenty of other options too, like the app-controlled Sphero Mini Robot Ball, or the voice-commanded Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot. You can also go for a Smart Puppy Pet Robot…

Mini projector

Another electronic gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family is a mini projector, which will surely be a hit with any kids in the house as they’ll be able to transform any vertical surface into a home cinema!


The often frivolous nature of many electronic gifts for kids can be offset with electronic gifts that offer functionality that comes with a greater sense of freedom, such as electronic scooters. An e-scooter would be great even for a teenager, making for one of those gifts that never go out of fashion. They’ll always have a reason to use it, even if for brief periods they take a break from it. It’ll certainly not make for one of those gifts that are only popular for the first few weeks or months following its purchase.

You simply can’t go wrong with an e-scooter or perhaps even an e-bike.

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