Diane as a Writer

I earned my master’s degree in creative writing at the University of Maryland. I have loved writing ever since the early years of elementary school. It was my earliest passion, and just like most little girls at the time, I had my own diary. By the time I reached high school, I had already written a novel and had other well-developed ideas waiting to be put on paper.

Style and Substance on Our Website

Taking creative writing courses at university and eventually earning my degree allowed me to chase my passion as a writer. Since I simultaneously became a teacher, writing about that particular subject made a lot of sense. We’ve created the website to share my ideas and teaching tips with our audience, and now we have a sizable readership.

Children’s Education Books

Formal and informal early education is very important. A young child can learn the best when playing and being unaware, or at least not in the usual sense of the word. The educator’s role is to present the obtainable knowledge in a way that is interesting to the child, using interactive and immersive methods. Participation is extremely crucial, because it leads to a sense of accomplishment, which in turn creates a hunger for learning.

Creating the Right Environment

Establishing a culture of learning has to be the main goal of every teacher and parent. I have developed my own methods for that, and introduced them in my first book. Using the right words and showing the right example are a priority. Children at a young are susceptible to adult behavior, they imitate our behavior, be it bad or good. When teachers manage to make learning fun and engaging, they succeed in creating the first step in the construction of a consistent culture of learning and knowledge.

The students must also feel that the knowledge they obtain is highly relevant, and will benefit them throughout their lives. Bringing up real life examples is a good way of showing that, and that works from kindergarten to college. You simply have to think of different examples. Once a culture of learning has been established, students start to get excited about homework. What is even more important, they start to put their creative energy into learning, even outside of the school environment. That’s what teaching is about, being able to turn that switch on in every young mind.