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Feb, 22

3 Essential Items To Buy Before Your Baby Arrives

It can be extremely tempting to buy too much in anticipation of your new arrival. Many people do this in their excitement and a lot of the things they buy never even make it out of their boxes. However, there are some things which are absolutely essential, and these are the items you need to concentrate on. We’ve put together a useful list for you to go through.


Babies grow surprisingly quickly, so don’t go crazy on the clothes front because you’ll only be disappointed when half of it never made it out of the closet. All you really need for the first few weeks of your baby’s life are clothes that will keep them clean and warm – and that wash easily. All-in-one sleepsuits are perfect and can be worn either day or night. Six of these should be enough to allow you to wash the ones that get grubby and still have something for the little one to wear. Cardigans are useful for when you go outside as an extra layer, or if it’s cold in the house. Vests are great for the same reason; layers are important. Baby will also need to be wrapped up when you go in the buggy or car, so a shawl, a hat, gloves, and extra socks or bootees are useful too. Don’t forget the sunhat if its’s hot!


Of course, a newborn won’t be able to sit and play with toys as an older child can, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have any. A stuffed toy is a great comforter and can actually reduce a baby’s level of stress when they are hungry, tired, or their diaper needs changing. Holding onto this kind of toy, feeling the texture of it, and having them around can help them sleep more easily. Baby swings are another great idea for a newborn. A baby swing offers tired moms a way to have their baby rocked to sleep without needing to hold them all the time, plus it’s a fantastic way to give your baby age-appropriate stimulation. There are many of these swings on the market, so if you’re unsure check out the information on Whenever you’re looking at buying things for your new arrival have a look at toys and games reviews to make sure that you’re getting what you need at the best possible price, babies don’t know about brands yet – so don’t feel like you need to opt for the well-known names!


Your baby will also need somewhere to sleep that’s safe, warm, comfortable, and close to you. Many parents choose to use a carrycot or bassinet. If you’re starting your baby off in a crib right away, you need to make sure that there are no gaps where a head, arm, or leg could get stuck. If it is a used crib, it’s best to buy a new mattress too. The mattress needs to fit the cot well, and there should be no spaces where a baby could suffocate if they get trapped. You’ll also need to purchase sheets and light blankets. Don’t forget to buy a few of them (four or more) because babies do tend to make a lot of mess, and bedding bears the brunt of it! You won’t need to use pillows or duvets for any baby under a year old, so don’t worry about purchasing them just yet.

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