Diane as a Teacher

I am a teacher, and teaching was my passion long before I actually became a professional educator. Learning was more important than teaching, and that mindset carried into my adulthood. When we teach, we continue to learn. Consequently, deciding to become a teacher was one of the easiest choices I’ve ever made.

The Most Important Reasons

Through teaching, I can make a big difference in the lives of my students. Seeing that difference, realizing when they gain new insights, is exceedingly rewarding. When you do your work as a teacher well, you make a huge difference, even if you might not realize it at the time. Young minds are greatly susceptible to outside influences, therefore, it is very important to provide a positive outlook. They find new creativity inside themselves, develop character, and acquire skills that can make their personal life better now, and improve their professional in the future. That’s what teaching is all about, helping them becoming better versions of themselves.

Teaching Is a Calling, Not a Job

I don’t view teaching as a job, I think of it as a calling. Becoming a teacher was a natural progression for me. The day I feel different, will be the day I stop, but I don’t think that day will ever come. Teaching is just like any other job, you have tough days, and you have easier ones, but the reward is always there. It’s there when a student wants to learn as if their life depended on it, and it’s there when they want to be anywhere but the classroom. My role as a teacher is to reach everybody, make them realize just how important learning is, and show them the actual benefits.

high school teaching is my calling

The Website

I created this website for two reasons, to share my teaching and education tips, and to explore my creativity as a writer. This site has become very successful. It has also made me realize that teaching isn’t merely a privilege, it’s a duty. On this website, we also highlight the importance of interpersonal interaction between parent and child, and our online platform is full of useful material for parents.

My Future as an Educator

Right now, we are concentrating on the website, to make it the best online platform for educational material. Megan and I are lifelong learners, and we want to share our ideas and methods with an even bigger audience. In the meantime, we will continue to work on our platform. Thank you for visiting our website.