About Diane

I am Diane Wolkstein, a Columbia-based teacher, and writer. I created this website with my sister Megan Williams, who is a “jack of all trades” for us. She helps me to run this website and answers all the emails when I run out of time to do it myself. I’m very grateful for her help, and we make a great team.

My Educational Background

I earned both of my master’s degrees at University of Maryland, one in teaching and another one in creative writing. I knew early on what I was going to do with my life, and luckily, I didn’t have to choose between my two passions. I am a teacher and a writer, and I don’t feel that either of the two ever negatively impact on the other, in fact, if anything, they both complement each other. Writing has made me a better teacher, and teaching has made me a better writer.

My Future Goals

Megan and I are very proud of this website, but the work doesn’t stop here. Our goal is to create even better content and become the platform I know it can be. I teach elementary and high school students and I am in the process of earning my PhD, which would allow me to teach at the collegiate level. One day I will make that transition, but right now, I am in the perfect place and can focus on my elementary and high school students, as well as the website we’ve created.

Not only do I enjoy teaching younger students, but I think that doing this job as opposed to being a college professor, actually has a bigger impact. My students are still in the process of developing their personality, their core values can still change, and providing them with guidance is extremely important. I am happy where I am, and I am looking forward to the future. The work on the website keeps us very busy, but we wouldn’t have any other way.