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Nov, 24

5 of the Best Toys for 5-8-Year-Olds – Top experts’ pick

What qualifies somebody as an expert who has the authority to theorise something like a list of the best toys for kids falling within a certain age range? Well, child-development experts can certainly lay claim to be qualified to do so. And this applies across the different fields which come together under the umbrella of child development, including teachers, child psychologists, paediatricians, and MUMS!

Drawn in by the title, if you came here looking to take your pick from one of five ideas for toys to buy your 5-8-year-old child, you’re going to come away with a lot more than that. You’re going to come away with a lesson to be applied in any decision you take around playing your part to help your child navigate this strange new world they find themselves in. So it’s not so much about pin-pointing specific items for toys to possibly purchase, but rather about exploring five IDEAS.


Mobility gifts for kids include the likes of re-chargeable cars, kick- scooters and even the likes of RC cars, helicopters, drones, etc.


Something like a children’s tablet computer or just some fun learning programmes make otherwise regular devices more enjoyable for longer, to be used for some fun learning.


The same tablet device can be used for creative pursuits. Otherwise something like an art set would do as well.

Pure entertainment

Toys like video game consoles, which offer nothing but pure fun, form an important part of the early childhood development phase. In case you don’t want them to expose to video games as of yet, you can also maybe get them to explore some outdoor Rainbow Playground Equipment such as swings, trampoline, or something similar, by simply setting them up in your own backyard.


Finally, toys that teach responsibility, like a children’s cooking set, round-up the list of suggestions.

Sure, I’ve included some specific examples to go with the general ideas around what kids aged 5-8 would absolutely love as toys, but all of these speak to the heightened curiosity for life children within that age group harbour. In an interesting experiment whose video has been doing the rounds on social media platforms, toddlers were presented with two options to keep themselves occupied with when getting irritable. One was a regular household item, like a remote control, while the alternative would be one of their toys (even if it’s a brand new toy they’ve never seen before).

In each instance the child chose the regular household item, even in the case that it was a seemingly “boring” one, like a spoon! So what does this say?

It suggests that children should play with toys that aren’t necessarily fancy, but toys that help them explore what life is all about. Parents can explore different options on online stores like LukiLab ( and select playthings for their kids based on their age and stage of development. They should be given toys to play with that help them explore mobility, toys that help them learn and develop, toys that allow them to express their inherent creativity, toys that offer “mindless” entertainment at times, and toys that teach them and allow them to exercise some responsibility.

In the case of toys that allow your children to exercise their mobility, you can get more information on scooter ideas on the website, keeping in mind the consideration of the potential contained in anything you buy for your child.

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