Megan Williams
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Jun, 29

Your Home No Longer Meets Your Needs: Now What?

The accompanying infographic, Renovate, Move or Build a New Home?, offers a brief list of factors to consider when your home no longer meets your needs. Whether it’s not big enough, the layout doesn’t fit your style, the home is aging, or your neighborhood is no longer desirable, this infographic can help you make your next decision. 

Many families reach a point at which their current home simply does not meet their current or future lifestyle. If you find yourself in this situation, what should you do? You have three options: remodel your current home, move to a home and neighborhood that better fits your needs, or design and build a new home. Each alternative has its own set of pros and cons, and families must consider all of them before making such an important decision. 

It all comes down to a balancing act. You must weigh your desire for what you want against your ability to pay for it. A serious consideration of the infographic’s reasons for choosing one option over the other will help you decide which way to go in pursuit of your dream home. Check it out — the advice is sure to help you hit a home run!

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