Megan Williams
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Feb, 13

Why Stitch the School Name on Your School Ties?

If ties are part of your school’s uniform, it’s important to pick the right design to create an attractive appearance and help your students stand out. However, plenty of buyers don’t bother with having the school name stitched onto the tie. It’s not a vital step, but it’s certainly one you should consider, and here are just a few reasons why.

Marks Out Your Students

Firstly, having the school name stitched into the tie helps mark out your students. You might be thinking that the rest of the uniform will already do that. Whether your school uses a jumper or a blazer, students are easy to pick out when they are wearing their full uniform. Unfortunately, they won’t always be wearing everything. Once out of school, they may slip off the jumper or blazer, in which case the tie will be the only garment that identifies them. As such, it’s a good idea to include the school name on the school tie.

Suggests Quality

Most students couldn’t care less about the quality of their school tie. Of course, it isn’t the students who are going to be paying for them. Ultimately, it’s the parents you’ll need to impress. They like knowing the money they pay for a uniform is going towards a high-quality product, and having the school name stitched right in is going to provide that impression. And remember, your students won’t stay young forever. As they grow older, they’ll be more likely to keep their ties as a keepsake if the name is stitched right in.

Makes Returns Easier

Students won’t always be careful with their ties, so some of them are always going to be lost. If the name of your school isn’t included, anyone who finds the tie isn’t going to be able to hand it in. If the name is stitched into the material, that isn’t going to be an issue.

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