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Feb, 25

What is story maths?

Stories are read to children from an early age, teaching them different words and helping them learn how to read and write. As your child develops books can also have another use, they can help your child begin to learn basic maths skills and as they get older and move on to more challenging books, it can help to boost their confidence.

The benefits of story maths

There are a huge range of story maths books that cover all areas of maths, from telling time to counting, mass and fractions.

By selecting stories carefully, you can develop a child’s knowledge and skills in a fun way, which will help them to subconsciously absorb more information if they find the book interesting and engage with it. Maths story books make maths real for children and make boring concepts a lot more exciting.

Story maths helps to connect maths to the real world and to daily life, which can make children remember more as they can build connections between the maths they are learning and every day activities. These story books help children to see how maths is actually happening all around us, even when we may not think it is.

Maths books also benefit teachers, by helping them to teach maths more easily. By using these books, teachers will be able to show students examples of the topic that they are trying to teach and bring meaning to what they are teaching. Story maths is also a great 2-in-1 tool, as it can actually teach maths skills and literacy skills at the same time.

Story maths books are a great tool for both teachers and parents when teaching maths to primary school children. There are a whole range of maths story books online, offering a variety of different topics to choose from.

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