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Jun, 24

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma is a form of regenerative medicine which uses injections of your own blood platelets to aid healing. Platelets are a form of blood cell that perform the main function of clotting the blood. They are produced in your bone marrow and contain growth factor proteins which can be effective in healing injuries.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Works

During the treatment, a small sample of your blood will be collected by a healthcare professional. The treatment relies heavily on the use of a centrifuge which is why hospitals will always consider looking for effective centrifuges whenever they are available. Your blood is then placed into a centrifuge, which spins the blood at various speeds until it is separated into layers. One of these layers is the platelet-rich plasma, which may have three times more platelets compared to regular blood. Then, the platelet-rich plasma will be injected into or applied topically to the affected area. Bear in mind that there may be some increased pain at the treatment site for the first two weeks; this is normal and you will usually begin to feel some improvement after this time.


After the treatment, there are several things that you can do to aid with recovery. Clinics like will always provide patients with clear aftercare instructions and advice for minimising discomfort during the recovery period. You will usually be advised to avoid any activities that may cause stress to the affected area for a few weeks afterwards. You’ll also need to avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen after your treatment since these could block it. You can also apply ice to the area for twenty minutes every two to three hours for the first couple of days after the treatment to deal with any redness and swelling that might appear afterwards.

Is the Therapy Effective?

How effective platelet-rich plasma therapy will be for you depends on a number of factors including your overall health, the part of your body that is in need of treatment, whether your injury is acute or chronic, and how the platelet-rich plasma treatment is prepared. Some studies have found that platelet-rich plasma injections were able to drastically reduce pain in trial participants compared to the control group, improving physical function that continued through three, six, and twelve-month follow-up visits. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is also growing in popularity as an aesthetic treatment and can be effectively used to treat issues such as hair loss and signs of aging on the skin, through the increased production of collagen.

Are There Any Risks?

Since the plasma is taken from your own blood, the good news about this therapy is that you will not be at risk of any allergies or immune reactions to the platelet-rich plasma treatment. However, there is a small risk of some side effects and complications including a low risk of infection and pain at the injection site. For the best results and the lowest risk of complications, it’s a good idea to research practitioners and only have platelet-rich plasma therapy carried out by a trained and experienced professional.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can be useful for reducing pain and improving your appearance.

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