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May, 8

What can you learn from a summer course in architecture?

A summer school course in architecture could help make a final decision on your undergraduate degree. And it could also give you a valuable head start that gives you knowledge and confidence for what lies ahead. 

There may be any number of summer schools out there for capable teenagers today but few can compare to those run by Cambridge Immerse. Among the most popular courses offered during the holidays is the highly regarded architecture summer course. If you are considering enrolling this summer, let us tell you a little bit more about what to expect.

The benefits

Should the idea of studying architecture at a top university appeal to you then there will be a number of questions running across your mind: will I enjoy my course? Am I intelligent enough? How will I cope with the independence? What are Oxbridge colleges really like?

The Cambridge Immerse Architecture summer programme can help to answer all of the above.


Over a two-week period, this course will put you through 40 hours of academic sessions aligned with a university-level syllabus. Specifically created for prospective students, this course is designed by Cambridge Architecture tutors (past and present) to broaden your knowledge, cultivate your passion for the field and give you confidence in your own ability.

Soft skills

In addition to these lectures and seminars, skills workshops are also available to help you prepare for life at university and ready yourself for the undergraduate application process. Among the most helpful of these workshops is the one that works on interview skills. The earlier one develops their communication skills the better; yet it should also be said that communication is something that one should never stop working at.

Whether you consider yourself to be an extremely confident and outgoing individual or something of a shrinking violet, it is important to simulate the kind of pressure you might face under interview conditions. From university admissions to job applications, good interview skills will always stand you in good stead.

CV building

Just like work experience, a summer school course will serve to show admissions officers that you are not only committed to your undergraduate course but that you are taking every opportunity to accumulate knowledge and work harder than others. Add a Cambridge Immerse experience to your personal statement and you may find it to be incredibly valuable.

Summer school breakdown

The two-week programme will look at 10 topics to teach both the theory and the practice of architecture, as it is delivered in an Oxbridge environment. The first lecture of the week is a fun “Walk and Sketch” session through Cambridge. You will be encouraged to make sketches of your surroundings as you pass through the streets and experience the rich architectural history of the city.

Next comes a more hands-on project. The brief is to design your own punt station, complete with a brief that outlines the buildings purpose and the nature of the site. This is followed by a tectonic workshop where you will consider the physical, social and aesthetic aspects of design.

These modules are followed by an introduction into the history of architecture spanning many centuries from the Renaissance to Modernism, helping you to understand how modern architecture has been shaped by the past.

Perhaps the most practical and pragmatic element of the course is the session on the Cambridge “Crit”, giving you an insight into the techniques and some of the best tricks for submitting portfolios to admissions teams.

If you would relish the opportunity to undertake a summer school course in architecture, you can find out more by visiting Cambridge Immerse today.

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