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Sep, 29

Want To Make The Library Fun? Here Are 5 Ideas To Help You Along The Way

Encouraging reading in our children is something that plenty of parents want to do. For some that is easy, their kids love reading and think of heading to the library as a fun treat. For others, the idea of picking up a book isn’t one that they like, and heading to the library is the last choice on their list.

The thing is, the library is a great place to go. There are literally endless supplies of books there that your child can pick from and not only this, but there are also often events that are designed to help children to want to read more.

This means, that if you can encourage them to enjoy a library trip or two, then you should. With this in mind, we have put together 5 ideas that you can try out to see if you can make a trip to the library that little bit more stimulating for your child.

  • Make sure that they understand more about the library

 Kids are funny creatures, sometimes the best way to generate some feelings of excitement in them is to make sure they know what they should be getting excited about. Chances are, they might not know what makes libraries such an awesome place to go. If they don’t then tell them all about it. Let them know that there are going to be a whole host of books that they can choose from and it will be great fun finding them.

2) Get them a book bag that is just for the library

 If you want to encourage your child to bring some books home with them from the library, then it makes sense to get them their own, special, library bag. This bag will not only need to appeal to them, but it needs to be strong and durable too. After all, books can be heavy!

3) Let them get out there and find their own way around

 If you have never gone to the library before, then you may find that your little one sees it as a fascinating place that they want to explore. Whilst it is important to explain the rules of the library such as no running around and trying to stay quiet, it is also good to let your kids get out and explore their way around. Let them check out every shelf and all the books. Libraries are used to this, and it is a great way for you both to get used to this new place.

4) Loan out some books

 The end goal of going to the library has to be loaning out some books. So, if your kid wants to try one out, even if you don’t think that they will like it, then give it a go. You may end up bringing it back within a few days, but at least they have tried out the library and there is a good chance that the will want to go again.

Up and down the country libraries are closing. This means that there has never been a better time to encourage your child to love the library. After all, the only way that they can be saved is if more and more families choose to use them!

5) Libraries are increasing looking for new ideas to attract a younger audience.  Some libraries are now including ‘making spaces’. These are areas where children can learn and make things that may relate to books that they might wish to borrow.  Many libraries also hold ‘young artist’ or ‘young photographer’ exhibitions, which your child can get involved with.

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