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Aug, 19

Top Tips To Make Your Home Life As Environmentally Friendly As Possible

Everyone in the United Kingdom’s responsibility is to improve how environmentally friendly they are and make some changes to be greener. Now is the time to be better for both the planet and the future generations who will be here to take the personal onus of how destructive past generations were.

Here are some top tips to make your home life as environmentally friendly as possible.

1.   Use Eco-Friendly Toilet Roll

Making the switch to only buying environmentally-friendly toilet paper will directly and wholly positively impact the environment and is a great first step in making your home life as environmentally friendly as possible.

Environmentally friendly toilet roll is made from 100% recycled paper and therefore will biodegrade naturally over time and result in zero waste production. Even the packaging of eco-friendly toilet paper is always entirely reusable and recyclable.

2.   Only Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Another fantastic and essentially very easy way of increasing the eco-friendly level of your home is to replace all your existing lightbulbs with new, energy-efficient alternatives.

Energy-efficient light bulbs have been proven to last more than twelve times as long as traditional lightbulbs as they use significantly fewer amounts of electricity to produce the exact same amount of light. The installation of energy-efficient lightbulbs instantly results in a lowering of your overall carbon footprint. Therefore, you might want to consider calling your electrician st kilda (or where it is more local to you) to begin replacing your old light fixtures.

3.   Invest In A Flueless Gas Fireplace

After the initial installation, which in itself is even cheaper than the standard installation costs of a traditional fireplace, flueless gas fires are significantly cheaper to maintain and to run.

Furthermore, the more you use your flueless fireplace, the more you will benefit from the savings, as long as you ensure there is an approximately 125mm hole drilled into the wall with access to the air outside. Although not as environmentally friendly as not having a fireplace at all, flueless gas fireplaces are substantially better for the environment and the future of the planet. When choosing to invest in a flueless gas fireplace, it is strongly advisable to purchase from a reputable, experienced, professional fireplace supplier such as

Go Veggie!

The benefits to the earth and the ecosystem as a whole, if more people choose the vegetarian lifestyle, can never be overestimated. A potential crisis may well be on the horizon in terms of food consumption, with some studies estimating that the population of humans across the world will increase by approximately three billion in the next forty years.

Switching to becoming vegetarian has a plethora of benefits to the environment, including the significant decrease in the number of carbon emissions and the overall decrease of your own personal carbon footprint. By switching to the consumption of vegetable-based proteins over meat, not only carbon emissions but other greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced. In fact, recent research has suggested that becoming a vegetarian for just one year means you could save approximately the same emission count as not driving your car for six months.

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