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Aug, 9

Top Reasons to Go to College

Whether you dream of making new friends, joining societies, eating as much pizza as you want for three meals a day; or you are excited about a career change; want to pursue a path with more financial security; are looking forward to getting in the learning saddle again; and want to experience showing up in full college finery at graduation (read more here); everyone’s reasons for going to uni will be different.

Going to college can be quite a big deal, and understanding your motives for wanting to go can help you decide if it is the right move for you and which college would be best for you.

So, with that in mind, we are here to tell you that there are plenty of beneficial reasons to go to college, and this piece will discuss a few of them!

Improve Your Career Prospects

One of the main reasons people opt to go to uni is to help them improve their career prospects. It is no secret that those who have chosen a career path that they would like to pursue will find it much easier to gain access to the relevant qualifications, which is why going to college can be one of the most helpful factors in landing your dream job and beyond.

Improve Your Financial Prospects

Plenty of us want a job that pays well to have a comfortable life, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to accumulate skills, qualifications, and other ‘in demand’ factors that can put you a cut above the rest. Highly skilled and highly demanded jobs often require a level of understanding that only years and years of learning and practice can teach, which is why many of us who aspire to have those job roles as our own opt for undertaking a degree and then a masters to get on the right track. Be sure to pick a reputable school such as Marian University and research what different colleges have to offer.

Self Development

Self-development is a crucial skill that all of us should strive for in health and happiness, and undertaking a degree or masters is one of the fastest ways to help facilitate this process. Studying higher qualifications can help improve self-confidence and self-esteem, facilitate independence (sometimes the first kind that we are faced with) and responsibility. These areas are important life skills that we can benefit from for the rest of our lives.

Open Up New Opportunities

Those with higher education qualifications can often open up doors that those without will struggle to get to. Another great point to consider is that there are many different universities around the world, so if you find one that is reputable and offers the course you want to do, you will also benefit from living in a new place, a change of scenery, and brand new opportunities that you would not get if you did not go. Or if you like the course but want to stay closer to home, many now offer online courses that you can take without having to go so far.

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