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Jul, 2

The Advantages to Learning Online

In the past couple of years, much of our everyday lives has moved online: Shopping, working, communicating, and for this article, learning. What was originally supposed to be a quick fix for a short lockdown has now become a fundamental way of life as more people are considering learning online full time, even after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

But the best thing about it? There are so many different online providers out there, similar to Skillshare (check out the skillshare price here) and so many different courses to choose from, that you are bound to find a new hobby to help you get through what is currently the toughest time in our lives. And if you ask me, I think that is absolutely wonderful.

So, is online learning here to stay? Below are the main advantages of it doing so.

Increased Flexibility and Self-Paced Learning

A lot of people are put off being able to pursue higher education or finish their degrees purely because they don’t have time. People have businesses to run, jobs to do and families to look after, so they’re unable to simply drop everything in order to attend some classes. Now, thanks to the flexibility that comes with online learning, they won’t have to.

Also, unlike in a lecture hall or on in a classroom, students have the ability to pause and rewind points when watching a recording of an online lecture. Then if they still don’t get it, it’s much more subtle asking a lecturer to go over a point via an email as oppose to asking in front of an entire class, which again many students may be uncomfortable doing.

Much More Affordable

Generally speaking, schools that utilize online learning can offer their services at a much cheaper rate. Consider the NMU Global Campus, they offer a range of courses online and offer the second lowest tuition in Michigan. This rate does not come with a lack of quality either, as students are very positive about their courses and have gone on to graduate successfully. More can be found about NMU at

Not only do these schools cost less in a literal sense, but students also save money on not having to commute or buy lunch and coffee by attending a physical campus.

It Demonstrates Self-Motivation

In a recent article published by the World Economic Forum, it was shown that education has dramatically changed as a result of the pandemic, and that research suggests online learning has been shown to increase retention and information.

By graduating with a degree from an online course, you are not only showing prospective employers that you are qualified in that course but also that you are passionate and self-motivated enough to obtain that qualification entirely on your own merit. It shows significant organizational skills as obtaining an online degree shows that you can tackle multiple tasks at once, set priorities and adapt to changes in your work conditions.

Obtain a Broader Perspective

Students who participate in online programs can come from all over the world, meaning that when you take an online course, you will be subject to the thoughts and feelings of a range of different backgrounds and cultures. This means what you learn is less black and white than if you only learned it with people in your surrounding area. You will better understand why people may take a different approach to yours and come out a much better person because of it.

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