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Aug, 29

Shapewear as Outerwear: A Fashion Trend That Transcends Body Type

The fashion world is constantly changing as trends ebb and flow with the seasons. One of the latest fashion movements that has swiftly gained popularity is the use of shapewear as outerwear. This shift from lingerie to outerwear has brought best shapewear into mainstream fashion. Many celebrities have embraced this trend, and designers are now incorporating shapewear into their collections. Technology has played a vital role in improving shapewear options, making them comfortable and stylish without compromising on their intended purpose.

Benefits of Wearing Shapewear as Outerwear

The benefits of shapewear extend beyond just shaping the body. Shapewear can enhance curves and shape, providing support and comfort, while also boosting self-confidence. Shapewear can have a positive impact on the wearer’s posture, creating a sleek silhouette and camouflaging unwanted curves. Moreover, shapewear can help hold everything in place, giving women freedom of movement without worrying about their garment moving out of place.


Built-In 360° 2-In-1 Slanted V-Neck Mesh Top

Shapewear Options for Outerwear

The popularity of creating shapewear that can be worn as outerwear is evident from the various options available in the market. Popular shapewear pieces that double as outerwear include bodysuits, shapewear dress, leggings, and shorts. These pieces can be styled for different occasions and provide versatility in one’s wardrobe. The variety of colors and styles available makes it possible to incorporate shapewear into any outfit without it looking out of place.

Shaping Dress


Built-In 360° Contour Midi Shaping Dress

Being the center of attention at a formal event or work party is an exciting feeling, but nothing can bring it down like feeling self-conscious about your outfit. Luckily, you no longer have to worry about that with the Built-In 360°Contour Midi Shaping Dress. This one-of-a-kind dress is designed to offer 360-degree waist-taming power and stretchy compression fabric, leaving you feeling flawless all night long. Say goodbye to worries about your tummy and hips and hello to the confidence that radiates from head to toe. 

Shaping Bodysuit


AirSlim® Go Braless Shaping Lace Bodysuit

Do you ever wish you could go without a bra but feel like you need a little extra support? Look no further than the AirSlim® Go Braless Shaping Lace Bodysuit. Not only is it fashionable and chic with its premium stretch lace detailing, but it also provides added compressive fabric to shape and smooth your body. 

Shaping Leggings


NeoSweat® Shaper Leggings With Removable Waist Belt

Do you wish you had extra tummy control when it comes to your workout gear and everyday outfits? Look no further than these innovative leggings. Designed with a removable waist belt in the abdomen area, these leggings offer double firm control on your tummy, giving you the confidence to conquer any task. Plus, their easy-to-match design ensures that you’ll always look stylish and put-together.

Shapellx as a Quality Shapewear Brand

Shapellx has become synonymous with high-quality shapewear that can be easily incorporated into any wardrobe. With a range of products designed for all body types, Shapellx provides women with comfortable and stylish shapewear options that cater to specific needs. Products such as their tummy control bodysuit and seamless leggings are perfect for incorporating into daily outfits, helping women feel confident and beautiful at all times. Customer reviews and satisfaction with the brand’s products have been overwhelmingly positive, making Shapellx a trusted name in the shapewear industry.


Fashion trends have no bias when it comes to body type, as demonstrated by the rise of shapewear as outerwear. Many women find navigating fashion trends challenging if they don’t conform to the ideal body type, but shapewear offers a solution for enhancing and embracing one’s shape. Shapewear is a versatile garment that provides support, comfort, and confidence. It’s no surprise that both celebrities and modern women have embraced this trend, given its ease of incorporation into everyday outfits. The future of fashion trends holds exciting possibilities as they continue to evolve and cater to the needs of all women. We encourage readers to explore the wide range of options available from Shapellx and try incorporating shapewear as outerwear for a unique style statement.

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