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Mar, 12

Safe Internet Surfing for Kids

Charter School Breaks Ground on Gigabit Center for Access to Digital Media

96% of households have an internet connection. Billions of people access the internet every day. I know that I, for one, am always hoping that the internet in my area gets faster. I know that my internet connection won’t just start running faster on its own overnight. Perhaps I should contact service providers like Compare Internet to get a faster internet connection. That said, there’s no avoiding it in this day and age so it’s important you teach your kids how to browse it safely. Coinciding with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in April, parents can visit Charter Communications’ Safe Internet Surfing website to learn more about what parents can do to ensure kids have access to safe and appropriate web content. Naturally, conversations regarding internet safety rarely pass by without mentioning VPNs. So, as a token gesture, I will leave this purevpn review here for you to read at your own leisure.

Charter Communications is investing $24 million in cyber security initiatives to ensure kids get safe access to online content.

Approximately 120 Charter Schools, Community Learning Centers and Charter Learning Centers will offer Internet access for the 2018-19 school year.

Following the previous successful installations of Safe Internet Surfing, Charter Communications is now installing its third generation of Safe Internet Surfing technologies – providing the safest internet surfing experience for youth and parents with consistent, high speed internet access through Charter Communications.

The newest Safe Internet Surfing capabilities include:

Streaming speeds up to 10 gigabytes per second, 1 gigabyte per second for both mobile and Wi-Fi, will be offered to all students through wireless routers installed in classrooms.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops will now have seamless internet access through Safe Internet Surfing apps.

Mobile apps will offer additional parental controls, and will include parental access with password information, as well as reporting tools to help identify inappropriate content.

Safe Internet Surfing apps will also provide the latest parental protection solutions with alerts to parents, and information to help them enforce digital media policy with teachers, guidance counsellors and administrators.

The safe internet surfing enhancements also include parental control technology with filters, filters on Wi-Fi and digital devices and parental alerts through Safe Internet Surfing apps.

Charter Communications is the nation’s largest provider of digital entertainment, communications and home networking services, with 15.3 million customers across 29 states and Canada. Charter provides a full range of broadband, entertainment, data, telephone and home security and automation services to residential customers. Charter Business provides specialized services to the business community, including business internet, data, wireless and security services.

About Charter Communications

Charter Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHTR) is a leading broadband communications company and the second-largest cable operator in the United States. Charter provides a full range of broadband communications services to residential customers and businesses. Charter Business provides residential and business broadband services across 14 states and Canada, and wireless services in several major U.Topic markets. Charter Communications Inc. is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., and operates in 24 states. Further information about Charter, please visit

Teenage Internet Use

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