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Sep, 22

Pregnancy Cravings

The craving comes when the body is in need of some quick energy because of the rise of body temperature. This may come with the rise of blood sugar control as well. It is this feeling that most people use as their cue for grabbing a Snickers bar or a candy bar during pregnancy, since it is easy to see that these snacks will give you what you need to feel refreshed and energetic during this time. However, not everyone has good blood sugar control, which is why the cravings will usually occur after a period of adjustment. It is important for women to balance their blood sugar levels and snacks are one of the fastest ways for women to do just that.

One of the best snacks during pregnancy that has been studied and proven to lessen cravings are chia seeds. Chia seeds are tiny, reddish, seed-like grains that are used to supplement a diet or given to the sick in order to help them recover faster from sickness. Chia seeds actually have many health benefits, which explains why they are a popular choice for people trying to lose weight and gain muscle during pregnancy. Studies show that chia seeds can lower blood glucose levels and help regulate hunger better than other naturally occurring snacks.

Peas, also known as garbanzo beans or even pinto beans, are similar to chia seeds in that they too are low in calories but pack quite a wallop in terms of nutrition as well. If you combine these two superfoods – peas and chickpeas – they make a great snack food choice that is healthy, tasty, and nutritious without sacrificing taste. Not only do peas and chickpeas have all of the same health benefits as chia seeds, they are also very easy to prepare and eat. If you add either of these foods to a warm soup or stir fry, be sure to use a low calorie tortilla chips to dip them into. This easy low fat snack combination is a must have for those who want some snacks to get them through to lunch without having to overindulge.

Cheese and crackers are often an afterthought when looking for healthy snacks for pregnant women. But nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, and pine nuts are excellent snack options. These nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids that may help to improve a woman’s overall health as well as keep her mind sharp. You can bake, boil, or even use these nuts as spreads for vegetables or serve them right off the spoon.

As snacks go, there are only a few that can really be classified as “no pain, no gain” snacks. Edamame (also known as seaweed in Japan) may help with blood sugar control but is very high in calories and needs to be consumed with caution. Peanut butter is another example because while it has a low Glycemic Index (GI), the fats in peanut butter can raise blood sugar as much as 30% faster than moderate sized amounts of butter. To avoid excessive highs and lows, keep a serving of this snack low in both of these areas.

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