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Aug, 15

How to Put Your Excess Yard Space to Good Use

All yards are equal, but some yards are more equal than others. All jokes aside, anyone who’s blessed with a yard knows how to adjust that space to their own needs. If you have kids, you probably already have an awesome swing set installed; for those fun times spent with friends and family you’ve already made an amazing gazebo with beautiful flowers and well-placed lighting fixtures.

Of course, those with larger yards probably have a pool and a well-built barbecue that was the main star of many parties. Then, there is most definitely a nice tool shed, maybe even a nice fountain, and a couple of trees here and there to provide that perfect shade during hot summer days.

Next, there’s a dog house in every animal lover’s yard or maybe even a small sand pool for the kiddies.

However, what to do with all that extra space you’re left with? It’s surprising how many people suddenly lose all creativity when they have to think a bit outside the box. If you have excess yard space, but can’t come up with any idea how you can use it, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Listed below are some amazing ideas how you can use all that extra space.

A small garden

Ok, we agree, this is not the most unique idea in the world, but let’s be honest – is there anything better than being able to enjoy the fruit, or rather vegetable, of your own labour? Depending on your climate, you can grow various vegetables – or even fruit – and use them for personal consumption. Also, you can ask your neighbors – if you have enough land, of course – whether they would like to donate some funds, and always have fresh, organically grown vegetables on their tables as well.

Deciding to go with this idea is beneficial on multiple levels – it allows you to provide healthy food for your family, give back to the community (if you can produce enough to be able to sell) and it can even be a fun hobby.

Small-scale animal rescue

You mostly hear about people contacting pest control companies like to help them get rid of animals in their yard as they are considered nuisances. However, perhaps it’s worth thinking about the other end of the scale. If you’re an animal lover, you can always build a shelter and start adopting stray or abandoned animals. For a true animal lover – the more is always the better, and by converting your excess yard space into appropriate housing for various animals, you can do something both noble and fulfilling. You don’t have to go big or wild, you can simply adopt stray cats, dogs, raccoons if they’re common in your area, or any other type of stray animal you come across with. Animals are amazing, and if you show them love, they will repay you with nothing less. You can even ask around your neighborhood if there are people willing to help you out and channel your love into saving and even finding permanent homes for all the furbabies.

However, before you decide to go for this idea, make sure to check the local laws and obtain any necessary permits.

Build another house

In today’s booming real estate market, investing in a housing solution is probably the smartest way to go. If the size of your land allows it, you can build another house on your property and rent it. With digital nomads and other contemporary movements, you are bound to have tenants. Even though it’s common for millennials to move often, you can create a contract that will benefit both parties and ask the interesting party to sign it before you decide to lease.

If this idea sounds good to you, check the local laws again before you start. You can even design this home to fit your personal needs and who knows – you may even decide to move there after everything’s done.

A few things to keep in mind: Always go with reliable contractors, and always listen to your architect. Also, research the best ways you can build your new property easy, fast and efficiently. Tilt-up construction has been all the rage recently because it’s super easy, budget- and eco-friendly. Go for reliable companies, such as Tilt Constructions QLD, that are known to provide quality service and always try to meet time constraints.

Offer an amazing background

If you love gardening, and have a green thumb, you can always turn your excess space into an amazing outdoor photography studio. Try to find out which plants can you grow in your climate, and turn your yard into something truly amazing. You can strike a deal with local photographers, and offer to rent the place to them for any outdoor shooting sessions. You can even go a step further and create a few different sceneries, so people can choose where they want to have their pictures taken.

A place to celebrate

If your property is truly big, you can decide to make a big barn, decorate it to perfection and rent it as a venue for various events and celebrations. City people yearn for nature, and that’s why many decide to have their wedding in a countryside. Barn wedding venues are increasing in popularity so this might be a perfect option for you.

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can turn your excess yard space into something truly amazing. It’s only important that you let your imagination run wild and opt for something that will make you happy.

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