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Aug, 24

How to create the perfect family garden guide

Family days out and holidays can be a costly affair and aren’t always feasible to do all the time and all year-round. Gardens offer a large open space that you can transform into a family garden. 

Find out how to create the perfect family garden with some of our suggestions!

  1. Children’s play area 

Create a dedicated play area in one corner of your garden, especially if you have a young family, so the children can happily play outdoors. With a children’s play area you know the kids are able to keep themselves entertained, whilst you can enjoy other aspects of the garden. Introduce a climbing frame, a trampoline, a mud kitchen and a teepee/den which gives a nice variety of things to play. Find toys and play ideas that will allow them to do multiple things outdoors depending on what they fancy. Think of something adventurous and fun, all the way to an activity or toy that is relaxing for them to do.

  1. Outdoor dining area

Dine outdoors as if you are at a restaurant by creating an alfresco dining space. Add a cosy seating area where you can all enjoy a family meal or BBQ. Pizza ovens are becoming popular to have in the back garden, so creating a ‘pizza making’ station is a fun way to have dinner or lunch as a family. Shelter this space so you can use it all year- round, there is nothing better than having a Friday night pizza-making dinner! Housing the area with a garden structure also brings the area together and gives a sense of unity. Also, you can continue sitting outdoors and enjoy a board game or a variation of card games as a family!

  1. Animals 

If you don’t already have a cat or dog as a pet, getting some chickens, hens or a small pond with fish will give the garden a lovely focal point that you can enjoy as a family but even when guests come over too. Feeding the animals every day is an exciting way to get the children up and ready for the day, and can also be a lovely way to enable them to discover the outdoors more. Having animals in the garden, a safe space that they are familiar with will allow them to develop more confidence and expose the children to nature. 

  1. Vegetable patches

Grow your own fruit and vegetables as a family. Plant some of your own favourite fruits and vegetables alongside some of your children. This is a fun activity within itself as you are digging, getting messy with soil and playing water. Looking after the fruit and vegetables, whilst also watching it develop from a seed to an actual piece of fruit and veg to eat can be very satisfying for you all. In addition, having your own fruit and vegetables can encourage your children to eat more nutritious foods and their greens. 

These are just a couple of ideas on how to create the perfect family garden. Always implement elements that are personal to you and your family to ensure you can enjoy it to the maximum!

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