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Oct, 20

How to Balance Work and Family

Women who work in offices on the daily may have a hard time balancing their careers with their personal lives, especially when they have children. It is an age-old problem that is still puzzling many career women to date. It is hard to make it to work on time if you have to prep the children and drop them at school then make it through traffic. It is even harder to leave the office on time and be in an emotional and physical state good enough to make dinner and get the kids ready for bed. It is, however, not impossible to have the best of both worlds. Here are some tips to help you balance the equation:


So you have spent the last few days or weeks nursing your baby bump and the baby is finally here. You take one look at that energetic bundle of drool and happiness and you just can’t imagine leaving it home and going to work the whole day. You know you don’t have much of an option and you leave but the minute you set foot in the office the guilt begins.

Mom guilt is normal, but you should not allow it to stay and torture you. You shouldn’t have to go through your days thinking that your kids will hate you and that you are not a good mother just because you have to work and provide for your family. You are working because you ARE a good mother who doesn’t want her children to go a day without missing anything they need. They may not be able to understand that now, given their age but when they do, they may even be grateful. Give your work the best you can and head home to your babies.


If you want to get your head well in your work without calling home every two minutes to see if your children are still alive and well-fed, you will need to get trustworthy childcare to watch the kids when you are away. You could get a day nanny who will spend the week with the kids, or you could find a reputable daycare service. For young children who need close attention, an au pair would be more advisable.

When hiring an au pair, be sure to check their previous employment records and their past employers’ feedback. Get in touch with their referees and if you find it necessary, do a thorough background check on them. Make clear requirements and rules and see to it that they agree with them before they start their job. Most importantly, go with your instinct and get someone who you find easy to work with and trustworthy.

Buy everything the children will need such as diffusers and humidifiers for your nursery room, make sure the nanny knows what to do and head to work with no worries.


Don’t bring your work with you at home unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are rushing home after work hours only to log more at your home office or to talk all about it over dinner then you are pushing your family away and you may realize it when it is a little too late.

Finish up all your work at your office then come home as a mom and wife. Pick up your kids from school and get some groceries. Ask everyone about their day and listen to any problems they want to talk about. Talk about your daughter’s favorite Disney princess movies and take the time to watch your son try to save the world like Superman. Tuck them in bed and kiss them goodnight.


You should aim at maximizing the time you spend with your family away from work. Instead of rushing into the on Saturday mornings, get your family up for a fun clean-up day. Attend the kid’s soccer game in the afternoon and be with the family when they grab some ice cream afterwards. Make them a nice dinner if you are not too tired. If you can afford it, book a spa and retreat day and let everyone enjoy a good day away from work and school.


No matter how busy you may be, make time to be in touch with your family during your workday. Call your partner once or twice to check up on them and see how they are doing. If the kids are home, call their cells or the nanny’s and let them know that mommy is thinking about them. Promise them some ice cream or a day at the movies if they stay in their best manners. If you work close to home, grab a quick lunch with them even if it is just once in a week. These small things are usually the most appreciated.


The foundation of every family often lies within the marriage. You and your partner are the ones holding your family together, so you should do all you can to be happy together. Create time for each other. Listen to each other and make decisions together. Dress up and go for candle-lit dinner or go crazy and go dancing in your favourite club. Massage him after a long day of work and throw in a fantastic bath bomb together. Be intimate more often and let them know that you got their back no matter what happens. A happy marriage makes a happy family.


Most importantly, let go of those expectations fueled by movies and ignorant talk. You don’t have to be the mom who is always making daily healthy dinners and cleaning up after everyone. If you need help with housework, get someone to help you with it. Do your best at work and ask for help when you need it. You will probably always be coming home too tired to cook or clean, and this is the reality.

In conclusion, the balance between work and family is easy to attain, as long as you don’t bring work home and family to work. Do your best to keep your family and boss happy, and you really will have nothing to regret. Click here for more information and the best deals for baby products.

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