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Feb, 21

How a PDF Editor Can Be Useful to Students and Teachers

Everybody knows that you need to get textbooks for different courses when you are studying at the college. But, many college nowadays are saving money by handing out the materials in PDF. So, you got to have a PDF editor installed on your laptop. You will find that the software helps you in your studies from time to time.

When exam is near, you can use a PDF editor to extract only the page you need to study in the PDF. In Movavi PDF Editor, you can extract the pages in the Pages mode. When you have switched to the Pages tab, you can hold down the Ctrl key and click on the pages that you want to select. Next, you must press the Extract button to extract them into a single PDF. After that, you can print them out so that you can study the materials on these pages whenever you have time for example at the bus stop, waiting for teacher to come into classroom, and at lunch break.

Teacher can also benefit from a PDF editor when preparing study materials for the students. For example, the teacher wants the students to concentrate and study certain topics in the PDF textbook. The teacher can use the PDF editor to copy and paste these materials into a new PDF. You must enter the Edit Object mode in the Pages tab. Get more details at

Once in Edit Object mode, every text in page will become selectable and editable. Once you’ve selected the text, you must press the +Blank Page button to create a new page and then press the paste button again to paste the text you just copied. You can arrange the sequence of the text by dragging the text block with your mouse.

Nowadays, many brick and mortar colleges use PDF textbooks to give lessons to the students. Sometimes, teacher will want you to make some changes to the PDF study material. For example, your teacher may instruct you to delete certain pages because they are not relevant to your exam. Deleting the pages in the PDF will reduce the file size so that your computer has more storage space.

At other times, your teacher will say he is not going to redistribute new PDF study text. However, he wants you to make some changes to the information in the current PDF study text that he has already distributed. Using the PDF editor, you can add text into any page and save it to update the PDF textbook.

Sometimes, the picture used in the textbook is not clear enough to explain the information. The teacher create a new picture such as graph/chart to explain the subject and send them to the students for inclusion in a certain page in the PDF. If you have a PDF editor, you can easily delete a picture and replace it with another picture.

You can also use a PDF editor to organize all the PDF study materials and text books from the different courses you take at the college. You can load these PDF documents into the software and rearrange them in the sequence you want. Many software now support drag and drop interface so you just drag the PDF to the right sequence to rearrange them.

You can also create blank page in the PDF and add sections to organize them. After that, you can merge them into a single PDF. In this way, when the teacher talks about opening which study material, you don’t have to keep browsing from folder to folder to find it. You just have to open a single PDF and use the search box to find the study material your teacher wants to discuss.

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