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Aug, 15

Home Security: The ABCs of a Safe Home

Selling a home was never a piece of cake. However, in today’s market of high standards and very high demands, this becomes almost impossible unless you do everything in your power to meet those standard requirements. If you’re thinking about selling your home, make sure to do your research first, and find out about all the tips and tricks you can use to your advantage. Maybe some renovations are needed, and instead of breaking the bank with professionals, consider getting yourself some power tools and fix some things yourself. Check out this list of sanders to discover the best ones around.

Home safety is probably everyone’s number one concern, which is why upgrading it will work as a good starting point. Therefore, make sure your house and its premises are completely safe before listing it on the market.

Indoor security

Before you move on to securing your home from outside threats, first make sure it is safe from the inside. Pay special attention to these:


Check your plumbing and make sure that there are no leaks or any other issues that might compromise the safety of your home. If you find any, have them fixed as soon as possible by contacting reliable experts like the ones at Steve’s Plumbing ( or similar professionals that you may know.


Smoke and other detectors need to be modern, reliable and functioning properly. Make sure you replace old batteries with new ones and upgrade any outdated models. The price range and features vary, so choose the ones that suit you best.


Make sure all the installation and wiring is in top condition and, for added safety, childproof all outlets or exposed cables. There are many ways you can hide wires in plain sight so research them further and get rid of the tangled mess.


Check all the floors and see whether you need to change anything. Broken tiles should be replaced, damaged floors repaired and any potentially dangerous areas (like bathroom and kitchen floors) secured. Hire some help to make sure everything is done quickly and professionally.

Outdoor security

Now that you’ve made sure the house is perfectly safe from the inside, move on to outdoor security. The most important aspects are:


By installing outdoor lighting not only will you increase the security of your home, but you will also instantly improve its curb appeal. Keep in mind that burglars are usually attracted by dark or poorly-lit homes. You should always go with LED lighting solutions because they provide much better illumination and will save you money in the long run.

Doors and locks

Sturdy doors with quality locks are a must. Here, you have many options from hardwood, steel or wrought iron doors to deadbolt, smart or knob locks. The door frame also needs to be sturdy and of high quality. And remember: burglars are looking for easier, quieter and faster entry points.

Windows and glass doors

If you don’t have the funds to completely change your windows and glass doors, think about applying clear security window films to all glass surfaces and installing visible locks on the frames. You can also install decorative bars on your windows, but keep in mind that not everyone will find this appealing.


Surveillance cameras are another great option. There are many different types of cameras, from box, dome, PTZ and IP cameras to day/night, thermal and wide dynamic cameras, which means you should just take your pick. If on the other hand, you can’t afford a real surveillance camera, you can also install a dummy one.


Alarm systems also play an important role in home security. If you go shopping for these, you will notice that there are a lot of different options available. You can choose anything from $10 to $20 DIY kits to more advanced, whole-house networks that require professional installation. Of course, the more sophisticated the system is, the more security it will provide you with.

As you can see, securing your home is neither expensive nor difficult, you just need to know where to focus your attention. Most of these upgrades are electrical replacements or additions and you may require professional help from the local electrical service company like like MZ Electric (a Littleton Electrician). Some upgrades are purely functional, while others have an aesthetic purpose as well, but all of them are mandatory if home security is your top priority.

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