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Jul, 20

Creating The Perfect Family Home

The home is most certainly where the heart is. As you likely spend a significant amount of the day relaxing in the house, the property must meet the needs of your entire family. This not only relates to the design elements but also the functional and practical needs of both adults and children. Over time, the family dynamics will likely change as the children get older, which will also need to be considered during the development of the property. One of the benefits of creating your family home from scratch is that you have complete control over the new construction floor plans and design so it meets all of your family’s requirements.

When it comes to creating the perfect family home, here are some key tips to consider:

Open-floor plan

Many modern homeowners have now adapted their living space into an open-plan layout – especially those with young families. Currently, your time may be constantly split between the living room, dining room, and kitchen, meaning you’re never able to stay in the same room with your kids, which can be a worry when they’re extremely small. Knocking down walls throughout the ground floor creates a free-flowing space which creates a more idealistic family layout for spending time together, as well as a welcoming entertaining space.


During the construction of your home, you need to think carefully about how many bathrooms you’ll need to suit your family setup. Ideally, you should have one bathroom for every two bedrooms, as well as additional en-suites for guest bedrooms. If in any doubt about what would work best for your home and lifestyle, it would be advisable to discuss the finer details with your designer regarding your current and future needs. When your kids grow up, as it’s likely they’ll require their own en-suites for privacy. Therefore, bring up any queries with your bathroom installation in St Albans contractors during planning.

Storage space

One aspect that every family needs is storage space. It’s extremely easy for clutter to start taking over the property which can lead to chaos and disorder. Have you thought about where you’ll keep all of your children’s toys and clothes? What about their paintings, schoolbooks, and other mementos that you may struggle to let go of?These are all factors that need careful consideration when considering how much storage space is needed within the home. Incorporating extra cupboards and shelves in as many rooms as possible will ensure you have plenty of room to store excess belongings out of sight.


When your kids are particularly small, adding a playroom would be the perfect place for them to let off steam and enjoy much-needed downtime. They don’t have to worry about making a mess, and what’s more, it keeps all of their toys away from the main living spaces. Designing your home from scratch gives you the freedom to choose the location of the room during planning. However, a spare room or basement within an existing property would work just as well. 

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