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Aug, 18

Can Vinyl Flooring Be Used in Specialty Rooms?

With the housing boom continuing in the UK, many people are up-sizing their homes and discovering a lot more room for creativity or luxury endeavours. Others have seen a lot of room from decluttering, necessity or their children finally finding a home of their own through being able to afford a mortgage.

If your children have finally grown up and moved out of the house, or you decluttered that spare room to have your projects to work on, you no doubt already have a plan in place for that great piece of space.

This new space needs a new look, with some modifications required.

Studio Space

It is said that everyone has an inner artist within them, we just need the space and time to focus on it.

Many people find that having space allows them to incorporate it as a home studio space. Having the space to record, edit video, practice vocals, paint, or photograph, having that space at home gives peace and comfort and produces productivity if space can be dedicated.

For these areas people look to soundproof the walls and floors, so people look to luxury vinyl flooring alternatives such as Karndean click vinyl flooring that provides great soundproofing and comfort, eliminating those creaks that ruin the atmosphere and concentration.

Home Cinema

If movies and TV are your things and you cannot relax in a living room environment, then you may be like the many who want to put a home cinema system within their home. As many don’t feel like going to the cinema’s post-pandemic, and many big movies becoming available immediately, having your own home cinema space certainly creates the same vibe.

A room dedicated to your love of show binging and movie viewing – your own home cinema space! It definitely provides something special when you install surround sound from VIZIO or its likes, buy popcorn, and sit for your favorite movie. Luxury vinyl flooring also can prevent that booming surround sound from piercing through the floorboards to anyone enjoying their own relaxing around the house.

Also, with vinyl flooring, you won’t need to clean between the seats trying to clear trodden popcorn into the floor since vinyl floorings could be stain-proof. If interested, you can check out websites such as to get more information about flooring types for your cinema room. Using the perfect floor material means just a simple sweep and mop is enough to clean it, and it’s good for your next screening.


Personal fitness is something everyone requires more space for, so many people look to install gym and yoga spaces within their homes to avoid missing the workouts.

By installing heavy gym equipment and workout mats, a durable and comfortable floor is required to handle the weight and shifts in movement. Karndean click vinyl flooring is a perfect solution as there will be no damage to the planks or tiles by weight and temperatures will not cause the flooring sections to rise. A professional flooring installer, like one from Shadow Wood Flooring, will probably be able to have it installed properly in your gym area. You will need to add felt pads to the bottom of the weight bench legs to avoid deeper scratches though.

To best utilise your space and passions, luxury vinyl flooring helps to keep your passion projects in the home stable and looking great.

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