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Feb, 9

Basic Parenting Virtues to Live by

Parenthood comes with many great gifts, one of the best of which is discovering that you’ve instinctively harboured parental skills. Here are some tips to set you along the right path during those days when you feel like you’re clueless as a parent.

Don’t let your kids play in the garage

Much like the back seat of a car, the garage is a major time-suck for any parent who must (must) follow its dusty paths. Instead of your kids playing with toys and appliances, think about books and crafts. While it might not sound fun to have a toy repair shop in your garage, it could be more beneficial than all those time-sucking Barbies and trains. If you’re the one with the DIY skills, invite your kids to watch and learn. Let them help with the project.

Don’t keep the TV on

Parents, keep that silly TV turned off. Seriously. If you’re the one who insists on letting the kids watch it while you get something done around the house, do it, but only then.

Have Fun and Play With Your Children.

Children love to have fun and to do things with their parents. If you’re always doing something with your children, they may think that you aren’t always available for them to play.

Get involved in Your Child’s Life.

You are their parents and they need your guidance, encouragement, and support. But at the same time, they need your space to do their own things. And sometimes you have to let them grow and learn things on their own.

Have Fun!

This is something I’ve learned by doing foster care. Children don’t want to be parented by unhappy, sad and depressed people. I’ve learned to make sure that I’m a happy person. They’ll pick up on my positive attitude. Don’t feel guilty about taking time to yourself, perhaps to enjoy exploring some new casinos online for a bit of fun away from the kids.

Remember, pampering yourself every now and then can help maintain a healthy balance in your life. Whether it’s indulging in a relaxing spa day, treating yourself to a favorite hobby, or simply taking a quiet moment to unwind, self-care is essential. So, go ahead and book an appointment for a soothing hot stone massage in Hollywood, FL (if that’s where you live), or tickets to your favorite Broadway show. Don’t forget that becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your own happiness and well-being.

Be Active.

There’s a saying in the foster care community: “a child must know what it’s like to crawl before he can walk.” Your child needs a consistent routine, so get them up in the morning and make them eat a good breakfast. Make time for them in your day. Get them out of the house and take them to the park or the mall. They need that stimulation from the world around them.

Know When It’s Time to Stop Asking.

You will get a lot of people coming up to you all the time to tell you how wonderful you are for fostering your children, and you’ll also get a lot of people telling you that you have to let them go. Listen to both the positives and the negatives. This is a very delicate decision to make. Find out what’s best for your child and for you as a parent.

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