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Mar, 25

5 Summer Activities To Help Your Children Grow Better

Every 90s kid has grown up watching the adventurous vacations of Phineas and Ferb. From building roller coasters to teaching us about aglet- the real name for the tip of a shoelace, we enjoyed and envied the fun they had. However, we enjoyed that from one side of our television sets. What if, this vacation, we take our kids to the other side? Don’t worry! The grass is definitely greener here. We have come up with five activities for your children to be stronger and sharper in these holidays.

#1 Swimming

Every child looks for fun, and every parent wants their kids to grow. This activity provides the best of both worlds. Righteously called the best exercise, swimming aids muscle growth and endurance. It is also easily affordable. However, make sure your child is under adult supervision while they are in or around pools.

#2 Crossword/Scrabble

A person’s vocabulary is essentially built from age 8. At this crucial point, it is important for them to have the right guidance and understanding of the English language. Crossword aids the same. However, no child can grow alone. Ensure that you sit and play this game with your kid, or be around them if you use an online option (such as to make it more accessible. Pro tip – keep a dictionary on the table for you both to refer. After all, there is no age limit to learn.

#3 Art

It is said that art has no language. Whatever a child feels can be read or expressed through what they draw. Art ranges from doodling on a drawing book to painting on a canvass. You can admit your kid to an art school, or you can simply sit with them in your garden as he draws. However, certain art supplies come with health hazards. To ensure that your child gets the best of the best, OmdömesStalle has listed down the best brands of pocket-friendly art supplies.

#4 Planting

With the on-going climate change crisis, there can be no better a time than this to teach your child the value of nature. Fetch small saplings or seeds and sow them in well-drained soil along with manure. You can also buy your child a small plastic planting kit. This activity will not only teach them the value of life but also provide a thorough understanding of parts of a plant. Also, as we promised, it makes your garden greener too.

#5 Maintaining a journal

We all write our own stories. Why not let our children do the same?  Buy a colourful diary for your child and encourage them to write about their day. This activity can be clubbed with tea-time. Not only will this help in learning sentence formation and grammar but also keep them from avoiding drinking that glass of milk. 

All of these activities will ensure that your child has a productive vacation this summer. Although these are the activities we prefer, you can encourage your child to take up anything they are comfortable in. Keep in mind that slow growth is also growth. As a parent, you need to be a part of this process and help your child’s mental and physical development.

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