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Mar, 27

4 Reasons Your School Needs Branded Drawstring Kit Bags

Most schools have games and PE sessions, so students naturally need to bring in their own kit to change in and out of for physical activities. Unfortunately, plenty are simply left to stuff everything they need into their main backpack, which by the way is not a good practice.

Mixing sweaty and unhygienic items with the clean ones could contaminate the latter and quickly spread bacteria, which could make kids fall ill easily. That is why it is crucial to ensure this doesn’t happen. However, for that, you should offer drawstring kit bags which can be customized by firms like Mato & Hash with your school’s name and logo.

Nevertheless, if you are still not convinced as to why you should opt for these, then you could get enlightened by going through the below-mentioned reasons.

  1. Easy Identification

Some students will put their sports kit into separate bags and then leave them somewhere. When that happens, branded drawstring bags help with identification. If a bag is lost within the school, whoever finds it can look inside to find a name. If a bag is lost outside the school, whoever finds it can bring it to the main office.

  1. More Hygienic

Let’s face it, most kids sweat up a storm during PE and games classes, and you really don’t want their sweaty clothes mixed back in with their books and other school supplies. Bad smells are likely to develop, and the kit itself isn’t going to dry out properly. It is far better to provide drawstring bags in which sports kits can air out and stay separate. There are brands like Mato & Hash (you could find them on whose drawstring bags could be customized based on what logo you need. If you get those for your students, they’ll have a separate bag to keep all of their little things, and bringing messy stuff to class may become a thing of the past.

  1. Less Messy

It isn’t just sweat and smells you need to worry about with sports kits. If kids are playing outside, they’re probably going to get muddy. When all their kit gets shoved in with everything else, you’re more likely to see textbooks returned dirty and dishevelled at the end of the year, and the bags themselves are going to get muddy and not present the best image of your school.

  1. Sense of Community

Finally, providing branded drawstring bags for sports kits helps create a greater sense of community within your school. Instead of seeing lots of different types, one sports bag will tie everyone together. That’s nice for the kids, and it’s something parents often appreciate.

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