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Dec, 10

10 Essential Birth Gifts for Young Parents

What’s a better feeling than receiving a gift? It is seeing the appreciation and smile on the recipient’s face. Childbearing can seem daunting for first-time parents. By gifting them the following items, you make things lighter for them and make them feel appreciated during this time.

1. Mother’s Bath Oil

Gift them these bath oils and help them rejuvenate their skin. With these essential oils, her skin glows differently, and she can take care of herself as she cares for her baby.

2. Personalised Ring Name Necklace

You can get them some matching ring name necklaces to celebrate this new stage in life. It can contain the baby’s name, and each of them can wear it on their chests all the time. You could check out e-portals like SOUFEEL and other similar sites if you’re thinking of getting one of these personalized gifts for your loved ones.

3. New Baby Hamper

Get them a new baby hamper with baby care items and adorable soft toys. This serves both the baby and the parents.

4. Gift Card

Purchase a gift card and write a message to them. Congratulate the new parents on their new bundle of joy and let them know how you feel about their new stage in life. The card could also contain a motivational quote in this new stage. If you enclose the gift card in a cute envelope, then think about adding something extra in there, like a custom name necklace with the newborn’s name engraved on it! You might just be putting a smile on the mommy’s face.

5. Breast and Maternity Pads

Most women tend to bleed after labour and could use maternity pads. You can couple this with a couple of breast pads to help control the heavily flowing breast milk. The baby might not be breastfeeding enough hence the excessive milk.

6. Get a Pair of Comfortable T-Shirts and Boys Pyjamas

The new parents will be spending a lot of time indoors and need to be comfortable. Why don’t you get them a pair of comfortable t-shirts? You can also throw in a pair of boys pyjamas for the baby.

7. Nappy Cream

The newborn’s skin is sensitive and delicate. As such, you can get the young parents a can of nappy cream to apply on the baby’s bottom skin after changing diapers.

8. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes never go out of fashion. They are an essential item, especially when stepping out of the house, and need to keep the child clean at all times. They can be easily packed and disposed of after use.

9. Baby Hat

Babies are unable to control their temperatures until they attain 24 months. As such, getting them a baby hat is a great idea to keep the baby’s head warm at all times. You can get your young parents two or three hats, so they have a change whenever they are stepping out for a walk with the baby.

10. Gift Voucher

Still don’t know what to get them? Get them a gift voucher from a popular online baby store, like Little Poppets, and let them pick the supplies they require during the baby’s early stages. It is even more comfortable when they choose what they want.


Most of these gifts are cost not only essential but also attractive. They make the young parents feel thought of and appreciated in their new stage of life.

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