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May, 7

The Realities of Traveling with Kids

There are those parents out there who love to travel with kids; some travel more than most people and they might even travel using services like Jettly from time to time. They make it look easy, get some of their vacations paid for by their stay-at-home jobs, and make the whole experience look fabulous. Well, let’s look at the details of what all of those trips cost: hotel rooms, taxis, restaurant meals, souvenirs, boarding passes, park passes, entrance fees to Disney World or Disneyland, rentals of the latest games, and we best not forget child health insurance as that’s very important when travelling with your children.

How to Pay for All of That?

If you are like most of us parents, you don’t take all of the jello shots. We go on our trips as planned, but have to budget for what is left. Whether we are traveling with the kids in the car or just taking a trip to Disneyland with the children, planning is essential for not overspending. If we don’t take that trip and try to stick with our regular lives, we end up in debt. So we plan properly and indulge in our favorite new casino sites in moderation, as that is indeed one of the best ways to use those in-between moments of any trip.

Find the Perfect Location for Your Travels

Do your research to determine whether that perfect vacation destination will fit your budget and your travel style. Consider all of the different ways you can fit a vacation into your budget, from doing a day trip, staying in a hotel close by, or renting an RV. If you are planning a vacation abroad and considering some Nordic country like Iceland, then plan your itinerary carefully. Make all your bookings after finding enough additional info online, whether it’s for a camper van or a place to stay. Whatever you decide, find the best deal and find the place that fits the life you are hoping to have while on your vacation. That way, you won’t feel the pull of financial devastation when you take off that trip.

Rental Cars Are More Expensive

When you want to travel with a bunch of kids, renting a car isn’t a great idea. You need one that is available during the day, won’t break down, and is a reliable ride. Some cars are more expensive than others, and those cars may have mileage restrictions and you will be charged more by the time the car rental company finds a way to break the car down and figure out how to re-enter it in the facility.

There is nothing fun about a car that is broken down. In fact, you feel stressed and guilty because you paid more for that car than any other vacation trip you have taken, and you had a week or more to get it broken down. That stress could lead to you not enjoying yourself and traveling with kids just isn’t worth it. Let the car rental company do the work.

Work Around the Fees and Change Your Plans

If you are worried about the mileage mileage and fees, it’s best to avoid renting the car altogether. Travel to your destination with friends or family and leave the car rental behind to save the extra mileage and fees. You can’t get away with taking the bus and having to navigate the buses. Make a plan with friends to go to the Disney parks at different times so you can go when the parks aren’t as crowded.

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