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Sep, 20

Teachit Primary 1 – How to help primary students master their multiplications

For young children maths can be a big challenge. One of the toughest things that they learn is to do their multiplications. Maths can be hard to grasp for a lot of students and some may just get it instantly. Here are some ways to help encourage all of your students to master their multiplications.

Fun games and competitions

After teaching the kids some rules on how the times tables work and some tips and tricks to getting the answer quickly, try adding some friendly competition into the mix to really help the teachings settle in.

You could create a sheet will lots of multiplications for the kids to solve and then do a race for whoever can finish them the quickest. You may even add a time limit of say 5 minutes to encourage them to get them done really quickly. As the kids get better at them you could introduce harder tests. Offer prizes for people who consistently win or another prizing system to encourage students to work harder at their multiplications.

Download resource packs

If you sign up to Teachit Primary you’ll have access to thousands of resources shared by other teachers like you.

This resource pack includes a range of creative games and activities, engaging worksheets, mastery type word problems and essential assessments to help your students master their multiplications with no worries at all.

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