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I created this website to address very specific needs by offering educational articles, teaching tips, and to express my admiration for the craft itself. The platform has grown into a hub for parents and teachers, who’ve shared their stories with me and created a discussion that benefited everyone involved, as well as our esteemed visitors. If you feel you have something valuable or interesting to share, you can, too, add substance to this endeavor. All you have to do is submit a guest post to my blog. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me by filling out the contact form below this post.

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I have always believed in the power of discussion. When we teach children we create a dialogue, we help them interpret the world around them in an interesting way. This makes it even more appealing to them, even though they are already curious about everything. I also happen to think that carrying that sense of wonder into adulthood, along with that hunger for learning, is just as valuable as the journey itself. We have to be open to ideas, and surrender our ego in spirited discussions, all for the sake of teaching. I have learned a lot from our readers, and they remind me of these principles on a daily basis. If you write and publish your post here, you can get a slice of that experience.

The Benefits

If you join the website, we can give you the exposure you’ve probably always wanted. Writing for a reputable website increases your online visibility tenfold. If you are an aspiring writer, blogger, or content creator, and you want to display your talents on a platform attracting as many as 17,000 unique visitors every month, this a golden opportunity for you. Our website is one of the most popular platforms dealing with education, and we will make it even more popular.

Writing Topics

We are interested in a wide variety of topics but before I share them with you, I want to mention two areas in more detail. These topics inspire me the most.

  • Children’s Education: In my opinion, education helps to shape the foundation of our lives. Through education, we don’t just learn new things, but we also learn to acknowledge that we’ll never know everything. With the right support system and socio-economic background, education helps you reach all your dreams. If you have a challenging childhood, education can be your ticket out and help you to build a better life. Children, who learn these principles, grow up to be happier and more successful adults.
  • Teaching Techniques: Teaching techniques are a big part of education. If you follow some basic rules, you can help your child from right from the start. This education process continues and can be enormously enjoyable, so much so that the child doesn’t ever consider it a burden. You can help them better understand certain words, do math more efficiently, develop critical thinking, and many more important skills for an easier and more rewarding life. Studies have also shown that the benefits go way beyond just these. Early teaching improves their imagination and cognitive abilities. The right techniques also teach kids empathy, which is one of the, if not the most important emotion. Developing the capacity to understand and even feel what others are going through is what makes us human.

If you want to contribute to my blog, I would love to read your thoughts on these two topics, or you can also choose any of the following:

  • Education: The backbone of child development
  • General News: We are always trying to be relevant
  • Health and Medicine: We have some great material on these topics
  • Lifestyle: Talking about lifestyle is always exciting
  • Literature: We are interested in children’s stories and other literature
  • Fables: I love to read fables to children, they can learn a lot that way
  • Fantasy: Fantasy stories can be excellent for kids and parents alike
  • Legends: We enjoy writing and talking about legends
  • Poetry: Children who read poetry speak their mother tongue better
  • Science Fiction: We love science-fiction stories
  • Psychology: Reading and learning about psychology is important for educators
  • Raising Children: Parenting advice often reveals new things to us
  • Games: Games are an important part of our lives
  • Hobbies: Taking on a new hobby positively affects other aspects of your life
  • Social Skills: Social skills allow us to be more effective in society

If you read this list, you understand just how diverse this platform is. If you want to write for my website, you can choose any of these topics or come up with a brand new one. I know that we still have a lot more to say and share, and I am confident that you can help us. Teaching children is such a diverse endeavor for educators and parents because it influences every aspect of our lives. If you are still not sure what you want to write about, here are some title ideas that might inspire your inner wordsmith:

“Why Teaching Is Important During Early Development”

“Parents, Don’t Be Afraid to Evaluate Your Teaching Skills”

“Educate Yourself so You Can Educate Your Child”

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