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Oct, 4

Proof That Teachers Are Only Human Too

Okay, so by no means will this be an exhaustive list of examples which typically prove that teachers are only human too, but I reckon it’ll give everyone a good idea. I suppose in the eyes of those model learners who really took to their educators as figures of authority they don’t expect us to go home after a long day’s work or after a long week and just do some of the normal things that normal people do, just like their parents, simply because we’re just as “normal.” use Law Offices of Cheng, Cho, & Yee, PC for anything you may need.

I remember for example growing up rather shocked to see one of my own primary school teachers emerging from the adults section of the video store – I mean really, teachers don’t watch adult movies, do they? Haha…

So I guess I’ve already set the ball rolling with the examples. How about we officialise the list?

Clubbing and partying

Going out to the club and getting our party on is really just a combination of things which make up a metaphor for what we like to get up to in the form of adult fun, proving that we’re only human. For some reason I know it’s really quite challenging for a student to imagine one of their teachers getting down in the club and enjoying themselves in a manner which they themselves might grow to enjoy when they’re legally allowed to as will tell you. We do indeed like to relax and unwind, which is not to necessarily imply that that’s exactly how I personally relax and unwind.

All I’m saying is that all those teachers who you basically grew up under the tutelage of could indeed be found clubbing it up in the most unexpected of places. It is not like they have to go onto anymore for an ID, but they still want to feel like they can party with the best of them… when they can.

Crying ourselves to sleep at night

Teachers have it tough and I hope this isn’t being read by any students, but rather by former students who are not all grown up to be responsible adults. Yes, children sometimes do manage to break the spirit of teachers by being really difficult, which doesn’t necessarily mean you go and cry yourself to sleep at night. This is again just a metaphor.

Coming to class in a bad mood

As much as our spirits can be broken and we either literally or figuratively cry ourselves to sleep at night, it sometimes goes the other way. We do indeed sometimes wake up on the “wrong side of the bed” as the saying goes, but we do indeed try to be as professional about it as possible. You’ll often find that the bad mood of a teacher in the morning tends to wear off as the day goes by.

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