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Aug, 15

Modernize Your Home: 4 Inspirational Interior Design Projects

Have you recently realized that your home is missing something to look fabulous? If it’s been a couple of years since you’ve dedicated your time to decorating the living space, it probably lacks some modernization and up to date accents to jazz it up a bit. With the new trends popping out from various sides, it’s never been easier to make your home look modern yet feel cosy and welcoming.

New window treatments

While windows may seem like the last thing you’d update in your home, they’re quite essential if you want to have a high-end interior. They are also equally as important if you want to add more natural light into your home, especially if you decide to incorporate residential roof windows in your home that can brighten your space, as well as improving its overall appearance. Even though you may have a hard time deciding how to adorn the windows, it’s vital that you don’t leave them bare. Simple blinds can do the trick and slightly add a bit of style to otherwise plain windows. However, that’s not enough to keep the room stylish and modern. You’ll have to put a bit more effort into it, and dress up the windows with stylish curtain panels. Bamboo shades, gauzy white sheers or curtain panels that match with the colour of the walls ‒ the choice is all yours. For a bit more edge, add geometric curtain panels and look how your home will immediately flourish.

Light it up

Proper lighting is vital for home to look spacious. With dim lights, the room can appear cramped and small, whereas bright lights bring an open and airy feel into the home. Table and floor lamps are a great way to illuminate the room. However, it’s essential that you place them strategically, so that every part of the room can be well lit. Dark corners should welcome tall floor lamps, while you can perfectly layer the lighting with lamps on side tables. A drum light can be used on the ceilings to usher in a modern design element and also reducing clutter. LED lights are usually used in modern ceiling fixtures, which means that you also get to save on energy that way! Replace outdated ceiling fixtures with new, modern and luxurious chandeliers to achieve a fabulous effect. With the help of professionals similar to this North Stamford electrician, any lighting fixtures that you decide to replace can be installed properly and in the proper manner, ensuring that they are safe to use, as well as providing you with the necessary lighting for your space. But you can always do this yourself if you wanted to.

Update the bathroom

Bathrooms are the quickest room to get dingy and messy, so investing in new sanitary and replacing the tiles as well as adding a new coat of paint is something worth considering when you think about modernizing the home. All the outdated knobs, faucets, lighting fixtures and shower curtains only make the bathroom look old and unattractive. Therefore, invest in modern freestanding bathtubs and turn your old bathroom into a real Zen like sanctuary. With the new modern tub, a shiny faucet, a lantern light fixture, and fluffy towels as well as modern cabinet pulls, you’ll get a clean and cosy haven in your own bathroom. Feel free to add a couple of accent pieces to adorn the space turning it into a cosy clean space.

Add new drawer pulls

Transform your kitchen from shabby to chic by updating drawer pulls and door handles on your cabinetry. Instead of living with worn-out cabinets and dirty handle pulls, invest in exquisite finishes that can instantly elevate the space. The variety of options, from shiny stainless steel and aged copper to brushed nickel and bronze, may make choosing difficult, but remember you can always replace them if your first pick doesn’t suit your taste. Whether you prefer vintage-inspired knobs or sleek modern pulls, these small changes can have a significant impact on your kitchen’s appearance. Custom options also allow you to explore unique materials and designs not commonly found in standard offerings, ensuring your kitchen stands out with a cohesive and polished look that’s tailored specifically to your taste and needs.

For instance, consider custom built cabinets that reflect your personal style and complement your kitchen’s overall aesthetic while ensuring that the space is clutter-free. Now, cabinet makers can help you pick a design that matches the drawer pull of your choosing, thereby ensuring that the aesthetic sensibility is adhered to. As part of that, sometimes these makers might rope in businesses, like Lovech, which tend to specialize in cutting and assembly making and this can help ensure that your custom hardware is meticulously built. To wrap up, enhancing your kitchen’s appearance can be achieved through various methods, with custom-built cabinets featuring stylish drawer pulls standing out as a particularly effective approach.

Final thoughts

If you’re striving to a high-end home that will both look attractive and feel welcoming, you must do your best to modernize it and update the old pieces. With stylish curtain panels, updated lighting that will brighten up the space, the new sanitary for a fresh bathroom look, and shiny knobs your outdated home will get an entirely new look. Invest in modern new pieces to get the fabulous home you’ll enjoy for a long time.

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