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Nov, 2

How to Help Your Kids Raise Enough Money for Their Dream Project

Kids are wonderful things to have around. They make our days brighter with their laugh, cause us to go all mushy with their little gifts (even though it may be just a regular flower), and they make us proud of their achievements.

But give the little guy $10, and it’ll be gone as fast as they can say “Pikachu, I choose you!” They’re not as good at budgeting as mommy and daddy are, and they won’t bat an eyelash if they see the stash of candy on the supermarket counter.

Still, with a little bit of care and patience, there are ways for you to help your kid raise money for the things they want. Granted, you may have to watch them like a hawk; and you may also hear some whines every now and then. But this will teach them how to handle their money and actually become responsible people.

Getting Money on Short Notice

Let‘s say that your kid has their eye set on a fancy toy. You could afford to pay for it – but where would the fun be in that? It’s better to make your kid learn how to work for it rather than offering it to them on a silver platter. Here are a few tips:

  1. Being environmentally friendly can actually earn them a lot of money. All they have to do is save their recyclables and take them to the closest recycling plant. They can get good money per pound.
  2. Hold a garage sale. Your kid’s bound to have a ton of clothing or toys that they no longer use, so this will help them raise some quick cash.
  3. Make and sell crafts. Anything from gift baskets to candy, jewelry and scarves can do. Handmade gifts are always a success, regardless of where you sell them.
  4. Do chores for the elderly. There will always be that old lady across the street that can’t mow her own lawn or can’t reach by herself to clean the attic. As long as you are comfortable with the neighbors in question, it will earn them some extra cash.
  5. Offer pet care. We all love owning pets – but we can’t always afford to walk them or wash them or play with them at all times. Most people would rather pay a responsible kid to do the job rather than sending them to a pet care facility.

Whenever you see an occasion, teach them how to snatch it. Jobs like cleaning, tutoring – even caring for a plant will help them earn money.

Final Savings Tips

So your kids have the plan – but unless they learn how to save, they won’t be able to bring that plan to fruition. You might want to start with a piggy bank or a savings jar, and tell them that the goal is to fill it up with coins and dollars.

Ultimately, you may open a savings account that would hold all their money. You can also benefit from a discount card fundraiser by Xtraman Fundraising, since it will save them a lot of hard-earned money.

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