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Oct, 3

6 Reasons You May Need Marriage Counseling

Every couple fights now and again. The real problems start when the fighting is so bad that you are no longer speaking to each other. It’s not even a matter of love; you know for a fact that you care deeply for your spouse. You just never seem to get along anymore. 

When your future together is underneath a question mark, you may want to try couples family therapy. Here are some signs that will tell you it is time.

  1. There’s No Intimacy Anymore

Some couples, especially after many years of marriage, no longer engage with one another. It’s as if they are just roommates living in the same house. When the spark is gone and there is no connection and intimacy, it might be a sign that you need marriage counseling.

  1. You Fight About Money

An average of 1 in 5 couples fights every month because of financial matters. When couples have different ways of earning or spending money, it may lead to anxiety and anger. This causes a clash of wills where you continuously say things you don’t mean. An argument over money once every blue moon is not unusual but should be addressed once this becomes common.

  1. One of the Partners Cheated

Most of the couples that go into therapy do so because someone has cheated in their relationship. It’s more common than you may think, as 25% of the men and 15% of the women admit to having had an affair. If you still love your partner but cannot repair the broken trust between you two, it is time to try marriage counseling.  

  1. You Are Always Fighting

An argument over small matters now and again is normal; every couple clashes like that. That being said, if you are constantly fighting for no apparent reason, over the smallest things, it might show an underlying problem. Left unaddressed, it can lead to insecurity, discomfort, and depression. Marriage counseling can help you out in this situation.

  1. You Wish to Avoid Divorce

Most couples that go into therapy are married ones, facing a divorce. These people thought about divorce as the only solution, based on their problems. That being said, they still care about one another and want to see if they can still save their marriage. If you reached the stage where you are considering a divorce, you might want to visit a marriage counselor first.

  1. You Are Going Through Something Big

You and your spouse may be getting along just fine, but a big change or event can throw your relationship into havoc. For instance, a child may be on the way, or you may be going away to college. Rather than letting these changes affect your relationship, you should consider marriage counseling.

The Bottom Line

If you still care about your partner but it seems like the marriage does not work anymore, you should consider couples therapy. By processing your issues, you may find your way back to your partner and salvage your marriage.

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