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Dec, 13

5 Methods to Take Your Baseball Fandom to the Next Level

You enjoy baseball. That’s how you have ended up in this article, after all. Yet you have hit a snag: you’re unsure of how to take that enjoyment to the next level. Maybe nobody in your circle of friends is a baseball fan, or you may live outside a country where the sport isn’t prevalent.

Fortunately, there are ways to become further ingrained in the sport. Here are five methods to take your baseball fandom to the next level.

1. Play Diamond Mind Online

There are many online baseball games available. However, if you want to play sim baseball against others, there’s only one option to go with: Diamond Mind Online. Diamond Mind has been the leading baseball sim for over 20 years, and this legacy has been imprinted in the online version of the game.

Diamond Mind Online gives you the opportunity to create a dream team that comprises the best players throughout baseball’s history. You can then put together your tactics, watch games play out, and see how your team does against everyone else in the league.

2. Sign up to MLB.TV

If a baseball game isn’t broadcast live on TV, there’s one place where it will be available to watch: MLB.TV. While this platform is fantastic for livestreaming games, that’s not the only benefit you get for signing up. MLB.TV has an array of documentaries, World Series films, and classic programs as part of their premium content offering.

3. Chat with other fans online

Even if you have friends or colleagues to chat with about baseball, it never hurts to expand this circle and find more people that have a passion for the sport. With the power of the internet, this can be done effortlessly.

You can simply follow and interact with like-minded folks on social media, for example, or you could join a baseball-centric forum. The more you chat with fans online, the more your overall interest in baseball and upcoming games will go up.

4. Make use of YouTube

As you should know by now, YouTube is a great source for, well, everything. This also includes baseball. You can watch videos of classic highlights. You can learn about techniques to use for your own game. You can see what fan channels have to say about upcoming games and season predictions.

This is just a small number of examples. There’s limitless potential with YouTube and other online video sites for watching baseball-related content, and they can all be used to further consume the sport.

5. Get outside and play!

How about grabbing the baseball bat, dressing up in your favorite team’s merchandise (a site like could be worth checking out), and heading out to enjoy the thrill of this game? Depending on where you live, there might be the possibility to join a local baseball team.

Yet getting outside and participating in the sport isn’t dependent on playing in a league. Heck, you don’t even need to put together two teams of nine players. There are various games, like scrub baseball, you can enjoy with just a handful of players.

By hitting dingers and pitching zingers, you can gain a greater appreciation for the sport and its intricacies. Not to mention it’s a fun way to exercise and socialize with others.

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