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Jul, 9

5 Essential Tools Everyone Should Have

Whether you’re a homeowner or you rent, having proper tools on hand can end up making a big difference in your life. Even for people who don’t classify themselves as “handy,” it’s still imperative to have at least the basic tools on hand. You’ll want to have a proper tool bag or toolbox to safely store everything. If you’re planning a big home renovation and you don’t have the proper funding, consider a bad credit installment loan to help pay for your next project. 


A hammer is a necessary tool to have on hand, especially a claw hammer. Hammers are essentially used to pound nails into wood with the flat side and for extracting nails from wood with the claw side. A variation of a regular claw hammer is the rip hammer. A rip hammer is different because the claw is straight instead of curved. This type of hammer is used for more than just hanging pictures and pounding nails. Rip hammers can split lumber, tear down drywall, bend blades back into place, dig holes, and break ice.

Before using any kind of hammer, you’ll want to make sure it’s in good working condition to keep your hands and the rest of your body safe.


When shopping for a screwdriver for your toolbox, you’ll come to the realization that there are many types to choose from. The most common is the flathead and Phillips head. Other types of screwdrivers you’ll find include the torx (star), hex (hexagon), Roberson (square), clutch head (bow tie), Frearson (Reed and Prince), hex socket, spanner, tri-point, and tri-wing. For basic do-it-yourself projects, you’ll likely only need to have either a flat head or a Phillips. If you want to be prepared for a multitude of situations that might require a screwdriver, consider purchasing a set with different sizes and types.

Adjustable Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches are an important part of home maintenance, as well as do-it-yourself projects. The reason why they’re so useful is that they have jaws that can be expanded a certain amount, allowing them to fit snugly around different objects such as pipes.

The most common and useful type to have is an adjustable spanner or the crescent wrench. These are commonly used to tighten or unscrew pipes, faucets, and elbows. Another type is the monkey wrench which has a fixed upper jaw and an adjustable lower jaw. This type is used for clamping onto pipes, screws, and lug nuts. A pipe wrench is a lot like a monkey wrench, except it’s able to get into tighter areas. The plumber wrench is one of the least common adjustable wrenches because it’s very large and clasps surfaces with a lot of force.


Handsaws have various uses around the house, inside and outside. The main purpose of this tool is to cut wood into different shapes and sizes. Manual saws are generally safer than the electric type, especially for those with little to no experience using them. They are also more practical because you may need a saw when you have no power source nearby. You’ll want to compare the different types and brands to make sure you find one that is the most suitable for your needs.


For just about any type of home improvement project, you’re going to need to have proper hardware on hand. Just a few ideas of the types you’ll want to have include nails, screws, bolts, washers, anchors, collated nails, nuts, and shelf supports. It could be very useful to buy various kits of hardware to ensure you have all different sizes and types so you’re prepared ahead of time for different situations.

The proper tools are a must-have in any house. Many hardware stores carry sets of tools that have many different types included in it for convenience.

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