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5 Advantages of Converting From a Forced-Air Unit to a Ductless Heat Pump

Is your forced-air heating system no longer working well enough for your home? If so, it might be time to make a change. But instead of just getting another forced-air unit, you should look into some other alternatives. If you’re considering installing a ductless heat pump system, read on to find out more about that heating option.

1. No Ductwork

Converting to a ductless heat pump means that you will be able to avoid all the hassle ductwork can require. If you add ductwork to a home, the installation can often be a lengthy process and a lot of work. If you already have ductwork, you may have experienced the annoyance of needing to patch, paint, and check it. The costs of adding and repairing ductwork can really add up over time.

In general, the operating costs involved with ductless systems are much lower than those with ductwork. This also means ductless heat pumps are a lower maintenance option than forced-air units. The only maintenance they usually need is regular cleaning and changing of the filters. Or, for the outdoor unit, making sure there are no obstructions. And you should still keep up an annual inspection with an HVAC professional. Consider having a local service provider like Abraham AC and Heating Services, Inc on call so that they can carry out the annual inspections as well as any unanticipated repairs.

2. Highly Efficient

Ductless heat pumps are a more effective and efficient option in a number of different ways. They can save you money on heating and cooling costs. Especially because they’re far more energy-efficient than forced-air units. While you may not have even realized it, you could be losing significant energy in the ductwork. According to a study by the Department of Energy, this could be up to 30 percent of the energy.

The Department of Energy has much more information on the advantages of ductless heat pumps, as well as breakdowns of other heating and cooling options, and so much more, on their website.

The causes can be leaks within the ductwork, gaps, tears, or improper installation, amongst other reasons. Converting to an alternative removes this loss of energy risk. By switching to a ductless heat pump, you reduce your carbon footprint, making it a much better option for the planet.

Ductless heating is also designed to only use as much energy as necessary. Other, more traditional options can often waste energy. You’ll be able to focus the energy you pay for on the rooms that actually need it. Instead of on parts of the house that aren’t used. When you convert to a ductless heat pump, it can lead to saving up to 30 percent on energy bills. That’s not the only way this option can pay off. If you purchase an ENERGY STAR model, you may even qualify for tax credits.

3. Flexible

Ductless heat pumps are more flexible and adaptable. They can properly heat rooms of different sizes and shapes. They can also fit the different temperature needs of people in different rooms. Unlike forced-air units with ducts, it doesn’t just have to be one unit to control the whole house. Instead, a separate ductless system can be installed in each room. Do you prefer things cooler but another family member wants their room to be warmer? You can both control this and get the temperature you want. Or do you prefer one room, such as the kitchen, to be cooler while another, such as a bedroom, to be warm? You will be able to accommodate both.

Another option to make this flexibility even better is to add on smart thermostat controllers. This can allow you to control your heating from your smartphone, which means, from anywhere. Other advantages of a smart thermostat include allowing you to set a temperature schedule, tracking your heating use, sensors, and voice commands. You will likely see even more energy savings when you use a smart thermostat as well.

4. Better Air Quality

Ductless heat pumps allow you to have more control over the indoor air quality than a forced-air unit. That makes it a much better option for those with allergies. Ductless units each have their own filters, which you can regularly change and clean. If at all you find it hard to clean the filters, try to contact companies like Airsheen Services or other similar firms. They could come and clean it for you along with a regular maintenance check. It is necessary to clean the filters once in a while as it prevents a lot of allergens from recirculating in the air.

You may not even realize just how many pollutants, bacteria, and viruses can be in your indoor air. And, unfortunately, ductwork can lead to problems with mold, algae, fungi, and even rodents. These air quality issues can ultimately be hazardous for your health. This makes it a smart choice to convert from forced-air units to ductless heat pumps, even if you don’t have serious allergies.

Going ductless also allows you to control the level of humidity in a room. You already know how annoying and uncomfortable it is to deal with humidity indoors. When you use the ductless system as a cooling unit in the warmer months, you can avoid that. These units have longer cooling cycles that enable them to pull more moisture from the air.

5. Less Obtrusive

Finally, another advantage is that ductless heat pump systems are much less noticeable. For one, they aren’t as visible. This applies to both the indoor and the outdoor units. Thanks to the longer refrigerant lines, you can keep the outdoor unit further away, even out of sight. They are also typically much quieter than forced-air units. Some find those noises to be quite a nuisance and consider ductless heat pumps a far better upgrade for that reason alone. The reduced noise is partially because ductless unit compressors operate at lower, longer speeds.

Once you’ve decided to switch to ductless, what comes next? Keep in mind that in order to reap the best benefits from this conversation, the ductless air pump will need to be installed properly. Instead of attempting to do it yourself, go with the trusted professionals. From installation to repairs and other services, turn to us at Entek. We’re the longest-serving Carrier provider in the Pacific Northwest. And our service has consistently been rated highly for our many years in business. You can find more information on our website.

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