Monkey King at the Norton Museum of Art

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I recently returned from a wonderful trip to West Palm Beach’s renowned Norton Museum of Art where Neel Shulka and I performed Monkey King: Journey to the West for a packed house! Click here for photos, my thoughts on the performance and more. All photographs ©2012 Brodigan Photography. Share with friends and...

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Monkey King at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum, May 6th

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On Sunday May 6th, Monkey King, our beloved Great Sage Equal to Heaven, will be cloud–somersaulting to San Francisco and wreck havoc in Heaven! Don’t miss this funny, inspiring, and family–friendly adventure at the Asian Art Museum‘s Target Free Sundays event! Journey to the West, China’s most famous epic, is the tale of the impetuous Monkey King, who sets out in search of immortality and learns such extraordinary skills that no one &mdashl not the Sun, not the...

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An intimate performance of “Journey to the West”
on May 5th in Berkeley

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An intimate performance of “Journey to the West” on May 5th in Berkeley

Please join us for the spiritual adventure of the impetuous, all–powerful Monkey King, whose concerns are himself, and the pure–hearted, determined Tang Priest, who wants to help others. Together they struggle not only with demons and ogres, but with one another, as they travel from China to India to bring back the Buddhist scriptures. Based on the travels of the historical monk Sanzang. Diane Wolkstein has been researching the story for the past 5 years in India, China, and Taiwan...

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Taiwan / Week 9: Roadblock — Meeting the Dharma Master

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People say I am courageous to go to Taiwan for six months. I don’t consider myself courageous to travel. Mostly, I love to discover new cultures, lands, people, ways of thinking. But where I can see my courage was in Chinese grammar class on Friday when I wanted to flee and stayed. Every Friday we have a quiz. Teacher Fong hands out the quiz at exactly 9:10 when our class begins. When I arrived at 8:45 at the bus stop, no bus was waiting. No one informed us that the school bus was not...

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Taiwan / Weeks 7 & 8: Surprises Big and Small

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Taiwan / Weeks 7 & 8: Surprises Big and Small

Surprise: The Big Secret (mee mee in Chinese)   Before leaving for Taiwan, I contacted the American School in Kaohsiung. I had the idea to both tell the new stories from Journey to the West that I was hoping to translate in Kaohsiung and to work with the teachers at the American School to identify the Chinese words that were most relevant to the children for the story. A week after arriving, I visited the school and met with the Principal of the Middle School, Gerry Dery, an affable, easy...

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Monkey King at Provincetown Playhouse

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  Blessings and thanks to all who came to see Diane and musician Jeff Greene’s Monkey King: Journey to the West performance at Provincetown Playhouse on Sunday, November 6th.     Photography: Mark Roberts.   Be sure to visit the Monkey King Epic website for more about the famous Chinese epic and to be in the know about future performances. Share with friends and...

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Storytelling at the Terence Cooke Hospital

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Just found this photo from 2004 of me telling bible stories to patients at the Terence Cooke Hospital. It was a wonderful storytelling series, organized by Hasna El Badaoui. Share with friends and family:Tweet

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A Visit with Josie Wowolla Boyle of the Wongi People

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During her trip to Australia earlier this year, Diane had a chance to sit with and interview Josie Wowolla Boyle, an Aboriginal storyteller, singer and painter who has shared the stories and traditions of the Wongi people for five decades. That conversation is now in the Winter 2011–2012 issue (“Many Paths, One Truth”) of Parabola Magazine. “Everyone is teaching the child, especially the storytellers. The stories give the child wisdom. A storyteller tells a story while...

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The Elsie Piddock Skipping Contest Winners for 2011…

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  …are Vicky Belin (age 38, pictured right with her two children), a software developer; and Alexis LaCross (age 8, pictured left) an Essex Elementary School student from Ivoryton, CT., who loves to swim and dance — and is also a co–author (with her mom, Pamela Cordell Avis) of the recently published book A Celebration of Breakfast (!).   As the 1st Place winner, Vicky took home a copy of Diane’s Romping CD for her family. Alexis, who took 2nd Place, chose...

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Postcard from Nebraska

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Photo courtesy Nebraska StoryArts.   Diane and musician Jeff Greene (below) send their heartfelt thanks to all the people they met last week in Nebraska — including the many who attended the Moonshell Storytelling Festival in Ashland on September 10th.   Photo courtesy Nebraska StoryArts.   Among the many who enjoyed the Moonshell Festival were photographer José Francisco Garcia, who took the two photos above (and more to enjoy in this Google Picasa...

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Diane at the Moonshell Storytelling Festival

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  If you live in Nebraska, you have a great opportunity on Saturday, September 10th, to hear Diane — along with Baba Jamal Koram, Willy Claflin, and Lucy Duncan — at the Moonshell Storytelling Festival, held inside Ashland’s Eugene T. Mahoney State Park. The festival will feature family–friendly storytelling from during the daylight hours, storytelling workshops, a swap, and ghost stories in the evening.   For more details, see our Calendar or download the...

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Postcard from Central Park

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Before Diane and Therese–Folkes Plaire told the story of “The Echidna” at the Statue, Judah Goren, four years old (Diane’s grandson), showed the audience his Aboriginal Painting of “Kangaroo Dreaming” on his t–shirt. Diane showed the painting of “Echidna Dreaming” which is featured in the Summer 2011 (“Giving and Receiving”) issue of Parabola Magazine (page 65).         Judah’s energy still high, at the...

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